Tiffany Brown’s 2011 Promotion

Tiffany Brown’s 2011 Promotion

What I found really impressive about Tiffany’s spring promotion was the consistency of all her marketing materials from print to web to email. Together, these materials presented a cohesive marketing effort which communicated a professional attitude and commitment. Every piece was immediately recognizable as coming from Tiffany and helped to make her stand out and memorable as each piece reinforced each other, building upon one consistent positive message. Also, very cool, the addition of a QR code on every card that “links to a special spring promo page on my web site for an accompanying print giveaway promotion. Recipients of the print mailer can sign-up to receive a signed, limited-edition print.”

Thinking about your promotion as an integrated effort is much like the “360 degree” approach of traditional advertising agencies. A concept is visually and verbally translated across each medium, creating an advertising campaign that reiterates and reinforces the message over and over whether in print, web, broadcast or radio. Often there is some variation between mediums, but the core concept and message stays the same.



“Last spring, to create a new portfolio better suited to my personal style and the freelance market – after eight years as a newspaper staff photographer, I worked on re-editing through my entire archive of the last decade, looking at literally every image I have shot personally and professionally. After many rounds of edits and developing the concept of pairing my images as diptychs, came the re-brand and new web site creation. I thought all the design and site development would take 6-10 weeks. That was my first lesson that good design and thorough projects always take longer, several times longer, than expected. It took six months, however, the end result created by Greg Lutze of Must Warn Others was 100% what I wanted.” – Tiffany Brown,

Print Promotion

“[….developing a marketing campaign to introduce myself to a wide range of new potential editorial clients, ad agencies and design firms. By referral from a few friends and colleagues, I contacted Jasmine Defoore, a photographer marketing consultant. Jasmine had the background and experience to help advise and collaborate with me on developing a series of self-promos to kick off the next phase of my career as a freelancer. She was a perfect fit and was on-board with my goals, budget and over-all approach to relaunching myself…..We had an aggressive timeline we wanted to start by so it was just under three weeks from initial researching to when I contracted with the talented Giorgio Baravalle of de.MO to create this year’s promo magic.” – Tiffany Brown