Time of Your Life – A Photographic Box Set

This promotion was recently submitted to No Plastic Sleeves by Emiliano Granado. In 2008 Emiliano was chosen as one of PDN’s 30. He works in NYC and seasonally in Miami and Buenos Aires.

The box set seen here is a collaboration between Steven Brahms, Emiliano Granado, and Stephen K. Schuster. It contains 21 images. www.quesofrito.com

About the Project:
The box set was used to promote all three photographers, and it is also available for purchase at quesofrito.com. After returning from Panama City Beach, we realized that our photographs were very different and painted a unique, 3-dimensional, perspective on Spring Break. We decided to create a singular body of work from all three of our images, and a box of postcards (a nod to the culture of tourism, pop culture, and Florida) seemed like a perfect way to showcase the work. We sent the box set to many photo editors, friends, art buyers, book publishers, and gallerists. The first edition quickly ran out, so we’re on the second edition now.