Timely New Promo Celebrates Voting

Timely New Promo Celebrates Voting

This timely project by photographer Richard Freeda is titled “New American Voters” and images newly naturalized US citizens and 18 year-olds who all will be voting for the first time in the Nov. 6 Presidential election.


Rich told me, “This direct mail piece was a collaboration with my Connecticut-based designer April Miolla and myself. Looking for a different way to engage the audience with something outside the “box”, we chose a clear mailing tube, custom designed, printed and cut labels. The package contents were delicately wrapped with thin natural twine. The package is intended to feel like an important document and was wrapped around a hand-held American flag. All the postage was designed to complete the theme, with four Amercian flag stamps and one George Washington stamp. We mailed 95 pieces to a very select list of art buyers, photo editors and designers. The project, which was a personal project photographed in the Spring and Summer of this year, was also sold to Connecticut Magazine for inclusion as a 6-page print spread in their November issue.”

To read more: http://blog.richardfreeda.com/

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  1. David

    I don’t mean this as a criticism, but perhaps someone will find it constructive. I once happened to be in the office of an ad agency when they received a promo that came in a mailing tube not unlike this one. The papers that came out of the tube had been rolled up for so long that they didn’t uncurl easily. It was a bit of a hassle to hold the thing open to look at the whole thing. After struggling for a few seconds, they gave up and just threw the whole thing away, expensive mailing tube and all. I don’t think it was ever really looked at. I learned a lesson that day about making things as easy as possible for the person receiving my promo, and at the very least vowed I would never use a mailing tube.

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