Total Package & Cool Vibe for Photographer Adam Jones

Photographer Adam Jones just rebranded himself and got a new logo from Kevin Fenton Design. He’s got a whole new site, cards from moo prints, mini portfolio books he made himself and more.

This redesign touches all the points of a portfolio package from portfolio book to online presence and promotional materials. Everything is well thought out and integrated into the same visual look and feel. The logo has a cool, funky vibe to it, which resonates with many of Adam’s images. Adam says, “I picked a logo that features a black circle with “Adam Jones” handwritten inside because I grew up skateboarding, surfing, and snowboarding and wanted my new logo to capture the look of the great brands that I have always loved.” Kevin added, “The vibe I was going for with this logo was kind of an old school skate / surf feel. I wanted to try and stay away from incorporating a camera into the logo, and just do a simple typographic treatment that would help him stand out from other photographers in the industry. So I felt that this was a good simple way to represent Adam and the amazing work he does.”

Adam was also smart to think about how his website will work across device – screen, tablet and mobile. While online portfolios are best and most often viewed on larger scale platforms (so folks can really see those great images) one shouldn’t forget about mobile – especially with it being projected that internet access by mobile devices will surpass desktops in 2014. Adam told me, “For my website, I chose 22 Slides. It is an intuitive HTML template site that is also very customizable. It is very easy to use and looks great on all media platforms.”