Turning a passion for your own work into a promotional event

This wonderful project was sent to us by Callie Lipkin of Callie Lipkin Photography. She’s doing all the right things to market herself, and it sounds like she’s having a good time doing it. It helps that she’s engaged in her local artist community and creating her own personal work. From there she helps organize what sounds like a spectacular event of burlesque dancing, live music, food and cocktails. And to top it off, she has created a number of fabulous films to promote the event and her studio.

In Callie’s own words – “I thought you might be interested in a non-traditional promotion we do at my studio. Its an annual event that is themed around a personal body of work I have been creating for the past few years. Every year I create new work based on my local burlesque troupe who I love dearly, and then in the spring they perform at my event which I market towards clients and potential clients using this personal work. This year, I shot 2 original short films using my HDSLR and sent out eblasts to my RSVP page which featured the different videos. One of them is currently featured on my site minus the invitation theme, the others are awaiting music licensing. Every year this brings in a huge boost to my business, this year is no different. It has helped me get to know clients who would otherwise be off limits to me by showing off my personal work and passion for production (the event itself is a large production) and a good time, and not making it all about viewing my portfolio during an office meeting alone.”