Unique Holiday Card by MOS

Here’s another great holiday card. This one submitted to No Plastic Sleeves by Simon Duhamel of Made of Stills, a montreal-based studio representing 4 photographers working in different fields. This piece really stands out as it’s certainly unique. The idea is fun and engaging. The production quality is also really good (done by VisualBox, a retouching studio). Click on the images below for a closer more detailed look. For those of you interested in how it was done – check out the link below offering a “making of” video.

Simon emailed this about the piece –

For our Christmas card, we decided to offer ourselves as toys to our clients and collaborators.
We shot each other acting as Cavemen, then sent out the shots to VisualBox, a retouching
studio, so they could transform us into real neanderthal men! Each one of us was boxed, given
a title and was assigned a totem animal as well as alternative weapons related to our respective

The idea was to suggest Christmas without ever mentioning it. The piece could be folded so
any one of us could be on top, depending on who the package was addressed to. It was sent
in french and english versions to about 150 people.

Here is the Making of by VisualBox retouching studio:


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