USB Drive promo

Check out this promotional piece by RAINA+WILSON. It’s functional and it looks great too.

About the Promo
Wilson had this to say about the project -“We wanted to create a direct mail piece that was more useful than the standard printed promo. We noticed art directors using USB drives to transfer files between computers and thought it would be a good way to get a digital portfolio into their hands. We had branded USB drives produced with our logo and web address screen printed on each unit and loaded with a PDF version of our portfolio. The drives were attached to a recycled paper backing board and stamped with the words ‘Review, Reload, Reuse’ A perforated detachable business card was part of the final piece as well, and everything was sent out in a biodegradable clear bag.

500 pieces were sent out to a targeted list of past clients as well as people in the industry who’s work we admired but hadn’t worked with yet.

We had immediate positive feedback. Lots of calls and emails from art directors and art buyers. Requests for quotes. Web site hits up 200%. Almost a year after sending out we’re still getting emails asking for more!”


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  1. Raydene Salinas

    I’m so glad to hear the USB promo was such a hit. As I begin my marketing for Raydene Salinas Photography this is something that is at the top of my list! Great post and I love the perforated business card idea. Thanks!

  2. Stephanie

    This idea is incredible. I love it! But where did you order the products from?! Looks like the high quality product that I’m looking to offer to my clients.

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