Valentine’s Day Promo by igroup NYC

Promotional Materials
Aside from, and in addition to a portfolio, many people create promotional materials in order to market their talents and abilities. Unlike a portfolio, promotional pieces do not typically represent an artist’s range or depth within an industry, but are instead focused around one central idea, providing a “snapshot” of one’s capabilities. Promotionals are a great way to grab someone’s attention and pique his or her interest — enough so that a potential client or employer would hopefully want to know more. That’s difficult to do though, as most creatives in the industry have just about seen it all. For that reason, the most successful promotional pieces are often developed around a specific and entertaining concept, form, or central theme, making them stand out and be more memorable. They should also accurately reflect the kind of work you want to do. Such a project can be developed as a single work or as a series of interrelated pieces.

A good example, is the promotional piece below recently submitted to No Plastic Sleeves. It’s developed around a holiday theme. Holidays offer a great excuse to reach out and get in touch. In this case, the piece goes one step further as it is something that can actually be used by the recipient – as Valentine’s Day cards. This is a thoughtful approach that adds real value to the promotion.

The promotion consisted of four wooden note cards – one leave behind with a note and three with envelopes to be used by the recipients as Valentine’s for loved ones. The note cards were sent out prior to the holiday to allow the recipients time to “spread the love.” – Julia Deppe, igroup

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  1. Adam

    Cool to see they used Jason Tozer and Craig Ward’s “You Blow Me Away” piece that was created for issue 124 of Computer Arts Projects. The article in CAP about the actual process of creating that photo is a great read!

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