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Video Tutorials

You will need Quicktime to view some of the following tutorials. Clicking on links below pops up a new browser window, so please do not have pop-ups disabled. A number of these tutorials will take a minute or two to download.

Have suggestions for a tutorial you’d like to see? – contact us and let us know what you’re looking for.

Grid System in Adobe InDesign, 3:09

Color Guide Palette in Adobe Illustrator, 7:21

Creating a Grid in Adobe Illustrator, 7:37

Book Construction with Amanda Nelsen: Printed Slip Cover, 4:49

Book Construction with Amanda Nelsen: Building an Accordion Book, 4:39

Book Construction with Amanda Nelsen: Wrapping a Printed Cover, 26:24


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  1. Book Construction: Printed Slip Cover « No Plastic Sleeves

    […] Book Construction Series This is the first in a series of video tutorials on book construction. The demonstrations are conducted by book artist and binder, Amanda Nelsen. I shot the video during a recent workshop for a group of my students. Additional videos will become available as I edit and convert segments for the web. All video tutorials can be found here on the video tutorials page. […]

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