We Are The Rhoads Promo 2013

We Are The Rhoads Promo 2013

This smartly designed newspaper/magazine features some of Chris and Sarah Rhoads‘ favorite work. Type and image work beautifully together in this striking layout. Extra consideration with a gold foil deboss on the cover and the inclusion of perforated leave behind cards really make this a stand out promo.

Sarah says, “The promo we sent out this year was an oversized newspaper/magazine hybrid at 15″ by 11″ featuring seven of our favorite editorial, celebrity & advertising commissions from the past year, it also featured a personal shoot we had done in an effort to really showcase the breadth of our current work and vision. The cover has a gold foil deboss which really gave it a nice touch that many people commented on. The piece went out to a group of select people that we had worked with in the past and those we desired to work with in the future. We thought it would be helpful to give people the option to tear out a card to remember us by, so the piece has some perforated leave behind cards with our images and contact info on them for people to keep and pin up or give out etc. We really wanted to give these people something that felt special and thoughtful and I think we did just that. We’ve received great response on the piece so far and have received a handful of requests via email from Art Directors and Art producers requesting copies which has been fun. This promo piece was a collaboration between the Rhoads and Hum Creative.”

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