Where Are They Now: Will Bryant

I first met Will Bryant about a year ago when he was introduced to me by his professor, Jaime Mixon at Mississippi State University. I checked out his website at http://www.will-bryant.com/ and was blown away by his work. Will has incredible skill and talent when it comes to illustration and design. By combining both talents with a positive and humorous attitude, he has created his own engaging and unique style of work. My co-author and I were excited to include his portfolio in our book.


So, where is Will now after graduating last May…? I recently asked Will what he’s been up to. Here’s his response –

Since graduating I’ve married my childhood sweetheart, settled in Austin, and joined a studio collective called Public School. Married life is absolutely wonderful and my freelance career has really taken off since joining Public School. In the past year I’ve been blessed to work with Nike, Benefit Makeup, Kraft Foods Brazil, Poketo, You Work For Them, Super Yoga Palace, Junk Culture, and Dent May. Most of this work has yet been released and wait anxiously like it’s Christmas Eve! When not working with companies I try to fill up my time by collaborating with my favorite internet friends like Chris Piascik, Nicole Lavelle, Gavin Potenza, Andy Smith, Andy J. Miller, Jeffrey Bowman, Deke Smith and more! When I’m not making something, blogging on far too many blogs, or trying to fire out something for an exhibition I can be found hanging with my lovely wife & kitty.




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