Wow! Danny Cohen’s Pop-Up Postcard Is Awesome!

Wow! Danny Cohen’s Pop-Up Postcard Is Awesome!

Australian photographer Danny Cohen‘s new promo is one of the coolest “postcards” I’ve seen yet. Who doesn’t love a pop-up card!

Danny says, “I’ve had a busy year shooting mainly advertising work and I’ve just finished launching my new brand and promotion. I decided to attempt to create a promo piece that creatives wouldn’t have seen before, especially from a photographer. I came up with the idea of making a pop-up card looking into the set of one of my shots. I chose a recent shot of a prince riding a polar bear and went from there. There was a huge process in getting to the final product.

On top of designing the card, I had to fold, glue and stick down every piece. I had help from friends and the whole process has taken a few months. Each card was individually personalized to the art director/buyer or creative director that was receiving the card with the words “Hello Danielle, I’m new here.” I wanted to ensure that the people receiving the card wouldn’t just add it to the pile of promotional pieces or throw it away. I also did this by writing a blurb on the back instructing them to “keep it in a safe place”. I’ve now nearly finished sending out all the cards and have had a really positive response. I’ve been having a tonne of meetings and a few shoots have started coming in!”

Made with Love from Danny Cohen on Vimeo.

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